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  • November/December 2014

    Current members can read about installing mid-size crapemyrtles for garden structure, utilizing straw bales as raised beds, hybridizing prize-winning hellebores in the Pacific Northwest, growing veggie shoots for wintertime indoor edibles, and creating habitat for our essential native bee pollinators.

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    Past Issues

    September/October 2014

    Current members can read all about ornamental alliums to plant now for a pop of color in the spring and summer garden, get a fresh perspective on poison ivy and its irritating relatives, meet heirloom apple champion Tom Burford, and much more.

    July/August 2014

    Current members can read about sensational salvias for late-summer color, native clematis, growing your own herbal tea, and much more.

    May/June 2014 Issue

    Current members can read about hydrangea connoisseur favorites, trees that offer year-round appeal, unusual herbs that add punch to both gardens and dishes, tips for avoiding common gardening mistakes, and much more.

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    Writers Guidelines

    Interested in writing for TAG? Here's what you should know.

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    Photographers Guidelines

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a few hundred about what we look for in our photos.

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    Get your message out to avid gardeners across the country.

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