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  • May/June 2016 Issue

    Current members can read about native ferns, perennial vines, colorful geums, weed-control strategies, and more. Open to all readers are articles about habitat hedgerows, the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, the best gardening hand tools, and our July Youth Gardening Symposium in South Carolina; along with reviews of garden books, and the latest scientific news about gardening.

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    Past Issues

    March/April 2016 Issue

    Current members can read about perennial pinks with pizzazz, find out if companion planting really works, learn about deciduous conifers for gardens large and small, discover the fun of competitive vegetable gardening, and much more. Open to all readers are articles about vine supports that range from classical to quirky, trees that are living fossils, and South Carolina's Hatcher Gardens and Woodland Preserve.

    January/February 2016 Issue

    Current members can find out about dwarf tomato plants with full-size fruits, survey the possibilities of small broadleaved evergreen shrubs, meet a longtime native plant champion, and much more. All readers can read about the new plants coming to your garden center this year, and learn to grow gourmet mushrooms.

    November/December 2015 Issue

    CURRENT MEMBERS can explore John Greenlee's meadow-style landscapes, then learn about designing evening gardens, safely adding plants under trees, growing the latest tropical hibiscus, and much more. To expand on these articles, read our bonus pages with Tips for Hybridizing Tropical Hibiscus, and John Greenlee's Favorite Grasses and Sedges. ALL READERS can learn about how to plant under trees without disturbing them and which plants thrive in that dry shade.

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