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    Meet our dedicated Board of Directors and staff.

    Board & Staff

    A Dedicated Team

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    Board Members


    Amy Bolton


    Leslie Ariail


    Sandra Address

    Nancy Hargroves

    Holly Shimizu



    Jane Diamantis

    1st Vice Chair

    J. Landon Reeve


    Henrietta Burke

    Tom Johnson

    Ed Snodgrass








    Mary Pat Matheson

    2nd Vice Chair

    Harry Rissetto

    Immediate Past Chair

    Skipp Calvert

    Louis Lynn

    Marcia Zech



    Tom Underwood

    Executive Director

    Beth Colton

    Office Manager

    Janet Daniels

    Events & Facilities Manager

    David Ellis

    Director of Communications & Editor of The American Gardener

    Leslie Fetty

    Member Services Associate

    Sue Galvin

    Executive Assistant & Associate Director of Operations

    Charlotte Germane

    Digital Communications Manager

    Ping Honzay

    Member Programs Associate

    Susan D. Klejst

    Director of Development & Engagement

    Nora K. MacDonald

    Associate Director of Membership & Member Programs

    Viveka Neveln

    Communications Manager & Associate Editor

    Sylvia Schmeichel

    River Farm Manager & Horticulturist

    Jane Underwood

    Volunteer Program Manager & Horticulturist

    Katy Moss Warner

    President Emeritus

    Mary Yee

    Managing Editor & Art Director