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  • Visitor Tips

    Welcome to River Farm! We just ask that you and your pets follow a few simple rules so that all our visitors have an equally enjoyable experience.

    Visitor Tips

    Our Garden Rules

    Please do...

    • Bring children with you. They will especially enjoy our Children's Garden and the kid-sized picnic table there.
    • Bring a picnic lunch (complete with alcoholic beverages, if you like).
    • Spread a blanket on the lawn, or use our large picnic tables.
    • Take photographs or do sketching for your own entertainment.
    • Tell a staff member how we can make your experience at River Farm better.
    • Visit our Garden Shop, open T-TH 11-2, for garden books and tools, children's gardening supplies, and crafts from local artists. AHS members receive a 10% discount.

    Please don't...

    • Bring balls or sporting equipment to River Farm. We are a botanic garden and plants can be damaged when balls go astray.
    • Take commercial photographs without a permit from us.
    • Create commercial paintings or drawings without a permit from us. 

    Bringing pets to River Farm

    When visiting with your furry friends, please keep these guidelines in mind:

    • Pets must be leashed and kept out of garden areas (we try to minimize damage to the plants).
    • Pets may not be left unattended anywhere at River Farm.
    • Always pick up after your pet.
    • You are responsible and accountable for all of your pet's actions.

    In the warmer months, you'll often find a bowl of fresh water outside the AHS Garden Shop. And there are lots of shady spots to stop and have a rest.